Visitors in the Bathroom

April 13, 2011 – 1:34 pm

Imagine taking a quick break from work – I mean the office – to use the restroom and perhaps even, dare I say, powder your nose.  Now imagine being in the stall and having someone standing there tapping their foot, saying your name over and over again, telling you random stories and ignoring your desire for privacy.

Yes, I said, it. My co-workers follow me into the bathroom and won’t leave! I know it happens to all moms but when you are rushing from deadline to deadline, you don’t need your children seeing your potty break as an opportunity to tell you about the new cereal they must have.

And let me add my children are 9 and 13.  They are not babies or toddlers, they are self sufficient kids who happen to continue with this nasty habit of having a discussion while I’m trying to pee.

The best is when I lock the door behind me and they start tugging on it like, “wait, I need to open this, never mind the fact it’s LOCKED.”

My children have even gone so far as to bring friends to the bathroom door to ask questions. Will this madness ever end?

About Gina Ragusa
Gina Ragusa is a freelance writer and mom from sunny (and sometimes not) South Florida. Her 15 year experience ranges from writing about banking to tattoo parlors.

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