Why Frankie Heck from “The Middle” Is My Hero

October 19, 2011 – 4:02 pm

Ahh…Wednesday night. After another rough day of work and dealing with the kids and the house, I often look forward to Wednesday night comedy. Call me a daft idiot, but after a day of wracking my brains and catering to everyone else’s whim, for some reason, an evening dumbly watching TV makes me happy.

I’m not sure if it’s Frankie inability to make the demands of work, kids, marriage, and home harmonize that tantalizes my spirit, or the fact that her kids’ stunts are even more boneheaded than mine, but I have to say, I heart Frankie Heck.

There are so many reasons why, but to name a few:

  • She encourages her children to be involved, yet she gets sick of driving them to practice so she then talks them out of joining.
  • She tries to get “ahead of it” with her kids at school, but fails miserably.
  • As social as she wants to be, her husband wants to retreat.
  • During difficult situations, she berates her kids and may call them a name or two.
  • She is banned from her son Brick’s school
  • There’s a good chance she could excel at her job… if she weren’t constantly pulled in 40 different directions.
  • She desperately tries to have something “nice” or “new,” that is only hers… but, that never happens.
  • She ran away from home.

I guess watching “The Middle” makes me laugh at the insanity that is motherhood.  Being a mom often feels like being that crazy hamster on a wheel… trying to get somewhere… somewhere good, but never making it. At the end of the day we thank our lucky stars for our children and our lives, but when you are deep in it, covered in the muddy entanglements of life, we can thank the writers who gave birth to Frankie.

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About Gina Ragusa
Gina Ragusa is a freelance writer and mom from sunny (and sometimes not) South Florida. Her 15 year experience ranges from writing about banking to tattoo parlors.
  1. 4 Responses to “Why Frankie Heck from “The Middle” Is My Hero”

  2. Nothing wrong with a little humor now and then. Monday nights used to be our sitcom night.

    By Brett | Yeatman on Oct 20, 2011

  3. Love it!!!

    By Kim Benson on Oct 20, 2011

  4. I watch the show with my kids, and they love it too!

    By weerock on Oct 27, 2011

  5. Crazy Moms Unite. Sounds like I need to watch this program for some comic relief. Great post.

    By nancy fitzpatrick on Nov 29, 2011

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