Mom Help: Hire it Out

November 5, 2012 – 2:21 pm

How many times, as a mom and business owner, have you nearly worked yourself into the ground? Maybe you end up sick or depressed or so crabby that your husband and kids need to take cover before the impending explosion.

You forget things… important things. Like picking up a kid or a meeting or lunch. Then the mom guilt kicks in and you end up feeling like a loser.

Listen, if you try to do everything in your business and your home by yourself, all of the time, all things to all people…


You’re setting yourself up for heartbreak. And your family and customers or clients too. Stop it!

There is a magic ticket and it’s called outsourcing. I know that you probably think you can’t afford it but the truth is, you’re already outsourcing things. Yes, you!

Do you change your own oil? Or do your own dry-cleaning? Bathe your own dog? Even going out to eat is OUTSOURCING. Think of the services that you use regularly to do things that you could probably do on your own, but don’t. You could change your own oil, but it would require you to Google how to do it, buy the tools and parts and spend your time under your car in the garage for an hour or so.

Same goes for other tasks, but for some reason and in our businesses especially, we find it necessary to plug away for hours doing something that we aren’t experts in. I knew someone once who spent 4 hours working on her website. She hired a web person who specializes in… duh, websites and they had the task done in 30 minutes. She spent about $50.

Isn’t $50 worth the 4 hours of cussing frustration in the wee hours? I think so! (Yes, the website dilemma was mine)

Let’s look at some other things that you spend time doing each week. Make a list of business tasks that you do for the next few days. Take a look at how long those things are taking you and consider hiring someone for a few hours weekly to help you get some free time. (In case you forgot, free time is that space when you have nothing to do and can enjoy time with family and friends doing fun stuff.)

Keep in mind that most VAs (virtual assistants) charge an average on $20-40/ hour, sometimes even less to help you with things like social media, newsletters, calendar management, customer service emails and phone calls and tons of other stuff. If you can make money or decompress as they are doing the behind the scenes work, your life will make a drastic upswing.

Your kids, clients and husband will thank you!



About Amy Wright
Amy Wright is a business nerd who rocks out to '80s music, loves the color purple (not the movie, but the actual color) and her lovely family. In her free time... wait... she has no free time, but if she did, she'd like to hang out in bookstores sipping on hot chocolate in complete silence.
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  2. Thanks for the post Amy! I have forgotten to do a dozen things this week already and was convinced I really did kill every brain cell from having too much fun in my 20′s. Now I know at least I’m not alone ;-)

    By Gina Ragusa on Nov 13, 2012

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